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Combat Flight Simulators For Windows 7

Combat Flight Simulator Microsoft

Combat flight simulator is a type of video game that simulates the operations of a military aircraft. They are different from normal flight simulators because these video games are used for military training, so they are more complex. Also, they often include shooting at enemies. Here are some Microsoft combat flight simulators.

Combat Flight Simulator WWII Europe Series (1998)

This is the first combat flight simulator that the Microsoft Game Studios created, and it was released on November 1, 1998. The setting of this video game is in the European Theater of WWII. It requires a minimum of Windows 95 to run. At the time, it had very good graphics, which preceded Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000. In this game, the ground was not very detailed, but it was programmed in open architecture, so it is possible to add extra software without breaking copyright laws.

This combat flight simulator includes many upgrades, such as a world flight mode, hundreds of aircrafts to choose from, and many more. It can even be played online if you have internet connection. Now, this game is out of print, but it can still be downloaded online. Currently, there is still an online multiplayer community for this game. It can be set up to play using your direct IP address.

Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theatre (2000)

The next combat flight simulator Microsoft made was released in 2000. The setting of this video game is in the Pacific Theater of WWII, and it is loosely based on historic WWII battles. It was very popular at the time, and it requires a minimum of Windows 95 to run. This game was also programmed in open architecture, so many third parties created their own software to add on without breaking copyright laws.

This combat flight simulator includes seven kinds of fighter aircrafts that the player can fly, some from the United States and some Japanese. It also includes eleven non-flyable aircrafts, also from the United States and Japan. These eleven aircrafts can be used as enemies or helpers to the flyable ones. The flyable aircrafts can be launch rockets, bombs, or be fighter aircrafts. In this game, the player can change the weather, but the scenery stays the same. There are also some moving objects that the player can target and destroy.

Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe (2002)

The final combat flight simulator that Microsoft developed came out in 2002. It requires a minimum of Windows 98 to play. This version is an updated version of the first combat flight simulator. It still takes place in the European Theater of WWII, but it includes more options. There is a campaign mode, and based on how well the player does, the player controls how long and who wins in the war. This means that it is possible for the Germans to win against England, or the Allies to win before D-day.

This combat flight simulator is in a much more complex format than its predecessor. This makes additional software for this much harder to make. However, there are still add-ons and expansion packs currently being made for this simulator. This flight simulator also improved graphics and sounds. Some expansion kits can add extra nationalities, a Mediterranean Theater, new planes, the Tunisian Campaign, or the Korean War. However, this flight simulator still criticized because one player cannot affect the campaign much.

Microsoft Game Studios created some of the most popular combat flight simulators. They made a total of three, each combat flight simulator adding extra content and complexity, and each taking place in European or Pacific Theater of World War II.

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  • beers says:

    You could build it yourself for the same price or cheaper.

    Those are some old ass games..

  • A Dude says:

    Good combat flight simulator?
    Are there any good combat flight simulators that use modern jets / helicopters for windows 7? I really miss the Jane’s simulators… they were liquid awesome fuzed with solid badass..

  • Anonymous says:

    Why does my joystick work with Crimson Skies and not Combat Flight Simulator WWII Europe Series?
    My comp is Windows 7 32 bit the Combat Flight Simulator work perfectly except for the joystick problem (you can control the plane using the up, down,left, and right keys)

    • FSX 747 Captian says:

      Not sure, But in FSX you need to set up your Joy stick to that game.

      So my guess is in your games menu should be settings for joy stick type and commands.

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