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Download Free Flight Simulator Games

You can find a free flight simulator download on the internet that will keep you busy for hours on end. It doesn’t matter if you know how to fly or not, this type of download is fun for everyone. Imagine something to do that doesn’t include violence.

What is a Flight Simulatorc

A flight simulator can teach you how to fly without ever leaving the ground. You can fly many different types of planes and even helicopters. These downloads will include awesome graphics of real places that you can fly to. Many flight simulators are just like flying a real plane. Because of satellites a free flight simulator download may include your local airport or airports that are overseas. The airport simulations are like being at that airport. The cockpits of the planes will look realistic, too. The scenery will be just like the real thing.

Some flight simulators even have the sun and moon moving through the sky in the same time frame as you are in. Control the weather. Make it rainy or windy. Fly in weather that is really happening.

How a Flight Simulator Works

You will fly a plane using the controls of the cockpit in a free flight simulator download. The controls are like the real thing. As you fly you will be able to view the layout of the ground. It will include roads, cars, and railroads that are really there. In some flight simulators you can fly over your own house or the school nearby. Fly the plane from your local airport to the city where your grandparents live. It is all possible with different flight simulators.

Who Are Flight Simulators Forc

You may think that only pilots can enjoy a flight simulator. You watch flight simulators being used in the military to train their pilots. In reality everyone can enjoy using a flight simulator. It is like a game with no violence involved. Pilots like flight simulators because they can practice their flying techniques. They will land and take off from airports around the world. With a free flight simulator download you can do the same thing as the pilots. You can even fly simulated fighter jets and other military planes. If you prefer helicopters, you can climb into the cockpit of one. Learn to land a helicopter on the roof of the hospital or pick up an injured person off the side of a mountain. It is all possible with flight simulators.

Most flight simulators will include a web address where you can fly with other people. You will be able to fly in formation or do other stunts with the other people playing on the program.

A free flight simulator download will most likely have a little less than what is mentioned here. You will be able to get a good taste of what it is like to be a pilot, though. Have fun with it or use it for a training tool. Have fun with a free flight simulator download.

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  • Arion says:

    How can I to download for free the flight simulator x?
    How can I to download the Flight Simulator X (Full Game) for free and for windows vista?

  • funnyboy875 says:

    does anyone know where i can find a download for a free flight simulator game?
    Does anyone know where i can find a FREE flight simulation game on the internet, i have found one, but i cant get the planes to move and it locks, can someone give me a good flight simulator download that is free?

  • matt says:

    Does anyone know any free to download 3D flight simulator or Shooter games ?
    My Ps3 is broken and i want something to play in the mean time while its being repaired, they have to be non-flash type games that i can download from the net .

  • Larry T says:

    where can i download a free flight simulator game?
    i have been craving for a flight simulator game, but don’t know where to get it.i am looking for a flight simulator game that must have passenger jets, as those are my interest. does anybody know any legal websites where i can download it for free?

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