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Learn To Fly An F-16

Author: Brian Fisher

F-16 Flight Simulators-Helping Pilots Stay Sharp

As with any job, it is vital for employees to stay up- to- date with what is new in their field. The same is for pilots who are in the Air Force.

There are going to be a new breed of flight simulators that are very much needed by fighter pilots. Flight simulators are important for these fighter pilots because it is their way of keeping up with the new technology and improving their skills in the cockpit. With these flight simulators, pilots are able to ensure their own safety as well as others.

South Korea is in the process of  developing a dozen of their own F-16 flight simulator by 2014 in an effort to aid pilots keep up with their fighter upgrades and conduct sustainable flight training in the mist of high oil prices.

The Defence Acquisition Program Administration awarded Korea’s only aircraft maker, Aerospace Industries, a-130 billion dollar contract to expand and update flight simulators. It was also done for them to provide unit training strategies for F-16 and KF-16 pilots, in addition to upgrading simulation systems.

These new systems will assist pilots to train and sharpen their skills in tactical flight, take-off and landing, as well as emergency landings. Production is said to start after the development of the F-16 flight simulators and when it is completed, sometime during November 2014.

The advancements and developments of these simulators are thought of, to help solve some of the issues which the Air Force is facing. Hopefully, the upgrade of simulators will resolve the problem of not having enough training for pilots, which is a result of the high oil prices. There are great chances that they will support the pilot’s effort in improving their aircraft operational skills and capabilities, which are needed to fly their planes with expertise.

It is important that pilots get these new F-16 flight simulators in order for them to do their job the best way possible.

Learn the same way the airforce pilots do.


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(9) Comments
  • Omer G says:

    How do I turn on the displays in the Aerosoft F-16 for Flight Simulator X?
    I bought the F-16 add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X from Aerosoft and when I started a free flight with the F-16, the display were off, even when I pressed Ctrl+E and started the engine.

    • Brock Landers says:

      I’m pretty sure this is the bug for Simulator X that overloads the cache memory during graphic intensive spots. Go to your system BIOS and increase your cache allotment and try Alt+E before you start the engine.

  • E H says:

    Is there a panel in FSX with the autopilot feature that can be used on a jet such as an F-16?
    When flying an f-16 in flight simulator x you cant use autopilot, i just wondered if thee was a panel where the autopilot can be controlled like on a 747?

  • me says:

    Aerosoft F-16 Fighting falcon, microsoft flight simulator, help please?
    i installed it and when i look for it in planes it wont show up! i cant find it its not there but it is installed in fsx folder, whats wrong?

    • Rawr Guy says:

      Try to uninstall it and then reinstall it. Once you do that, it should be there. If not, look in the manual and find the contact information and call up the makers and they should be able to help you.

  • nilay d says:

    tell me some flight simulator games…….?
    hey guys ,
    i am searching for some action flight simulator games..like f-16 but i can’t find 1 so..can u guys suggest me some action with lots of destruction fight simulator game..

    n i have 512 mb ram,256 mb graphic card

    • FSX 747 Captian says:

      ACE or Combat pilot GAME. Most computer soft ware stores have them.

      Flight sim Has air craft, But now, only your self, no targets, etc.

      So Flight simulator 2004 and X may not be for you.

      Now FSPILOTSTORE.COM has the F-16D Game.

  • m1ndfr34k117 says:

    Where can I get the F-16 for Flight Simulator X for free?
    I know that you have to pay for it…technically. Im sure there are some places where it is free. I would actually like to have the USAF Thunderbirds F-16. Im not sure if that’s just a skin or a completely different thing but anyways.

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