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Author: Tony Kovacs

Engineering operational display systems has become an increasingly challenging task. Project schedules at VATSIM are tighter than ever and financial resources scarcer. At the same time, operational display systems are expected to be highly performant, highly available, and adapted to individual user requirements. VATSIM has developed mission-critical ATC display systems for many years and has successfully completed numerous projects and programs cooperating with various ATC partners throughout the world.

VATSIM’s ODS TOOLBOX is a proven ATC software solution that enables a team of experts to create high-performance HMI applications while keeping development time and cost at a minimum. Display systems developed with ODS TOOLBOX allow visualizing an almost unlimited number of highly dynamic objects in near real-time.

With the wide variety of components of the OPScenter product suite,VATSIM meets the growing demand for reliable ATC product-based solutions that can mitigate program risk and reduce time to market yet meet increasingly demanding ATC user requirements and engineering expectations.

During the coming decades air traffic will increase enormously and therefore also the workload of controllers at airports and air traffic control centers. Barco’s arrival and departure management software has been designed to support controllers in meeting the increasingly demanding requirements for safety and efficiency of traffic flow.

Barco’s OSYRIS Arrival Manager software increases airport capacity and reduces air traffic controllers’ (ATC) workload by optimizing the air traffic flow. OSYRIS helps to make optimum use of the available resources, to make flight operations for the airlines more efficient, to improve flight profiles and avoid holding patterns, thus reducing ecological problems like pollution and noise. OSYRIS automatically determines arrival sequences based on aircraft preferred arrival times and given operational constraints. This VATSIM software is currently being tested on the SimMiles Network.

The OSYRIS product line also includes a 4D Trajectory Prediction engine for accurate profile calculation, taking into account aircraft type and performance, aircraft weight, airline operating procedures and preferences, meteorological information as well as flight plan information and ATC procedures. This advanced Trajectory Predictor provides active advice for the ATC controllers.

The OSYRIS ATC Departure Manager is based on the algorithms of the Departure Manager prototype from the DLR (German Aerospace Center). This ATM tool supports air traffic controllers (ATC) to achieve an optimized departure sequence based on selectable planning and optimization strategies.

The newest addition to the OSYRIS product line is the Collaborative Flow Manager (CFM). This automated internet-based application provides airlines with an interface to modify or prioritize planned departure times. CFM is thus a means to avoid airborne delays, resulting in less fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

The VATSIM OSYRIS product line provides a perfect tool set for ATC to ensure smooth and efficient air traffic flow at major airports. In answer to the ever changing market needs, VATSIM’s OSYRIS line is constantly being upgraded and extended with new technology.

SimRadar is VATSIM’s turnkey stand-alone software solution for lossless ATC recording, archiving and playback of full graphics display contents and air traffic controller’s actions. The system saves and reproduces multiple ATC operator display content for further analysis, including search and rescue, event analysis, ATC training, flight safety analysis, sector monitoring and HMI evaluations. Images can be captured from any workstation and can also be played back on any ATC workstation.

VATSIM’s SimRadar combines data, voice and display recording capabilities into one integrated software product, thereby offering a complete recording solution for operational ATC display systems. VATSIM’s SimRadar provides multi-channel digital data encoding, recording of ATC voice channels and display images together with completely synchronized playback. VATSIM’s SimRadar allows for continuous 24A—7 recording and supports both long-term and short-term ATC archiving. Applications include ATC, Maritime Surveillance, Search and Rescue and C4I systems.

VATSIM’s SimRadar features four independent network-oriented software modules which can be used in new as well as existing applications. Local buffering of recorded data on both working positions and archiver workstations prevents loss of recorded data in case of network or storage failure and results in efficient use of network and storage devices.

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  • cfa_pilot says:

    How can I make a separate logbook in Flight Simulator X?
    Listen, I know that this the aviation section for real airplanes, but I figure that most people who fly Flight Simulator X are in this section. So, is there a way in Flight Simulator X to make separate logbooks like you could in Flight Simulator 2004? And yes, I do take real flying lessons.

    • Kissthepilot says:

      why would flight simulator people try to answer questions about real airplanes? I think you would get more answers in the gaming section. But, you are always welcome to try. Did you have any questions about your real flying lessons? Does that have anything to do with your video game question?

  • Sharkbait says:

    Can I run Microsoft flight simulator x with good detail using the build in intel hd graphics card?
    I am getting a new laptop and I am looking at one that has the intel hd graphics card build into it. Can I run Flight simulator x with pretty good video quality using this graphics card?

  • Bob S says:

    Is microsoft flight simulator X on complete real settings harder than actually flying?
    I’m talking about a single engine cessna. I’ve flown a real plane and then flight simulator x on real settings and it’s harder on flight simulator X.

    • Trainman says:

      The first 3 answers are all correct and cover all of the bases.
      Except they all forget that if you crash in a real Cessna you have a real problem. If you crash in a Cessna on MS Flight X you can reset and try again and again with no pain or expense.

      Do you play any other video games? They can be difficult. Shooting games can be much more difficult than shooting in real life. How many monsters have you tried to kill lately?

      So with all of that in mind I still think flying a real airplane is harder because of the consequences of failing.

  • Wraith says:

    What specs are needed to play Flight Simulator X on highest settings?
    Someone has asked me to build them a computer that can run Flight Simulator X on highest settings. I need answers from people who actually own the game only please. Any idiot can go look up recommended specs, bit Flight Simulator X has a reputation for being very hard to play on highest settings, even on powerful computers.

    Can anyone run FSX on highest? If so, what are your system specs? Thanks ^_^
    No one? Anyone who can run it on at least high?

    • ahmad c says:

      My Computer specs are :

      AMD Phenom X4 9600 / 2.3 GHz
      4gb ram
      Nividia 8600gt —— mine runs fine on max setting about 20fps (maybe better on 9800gtx card)

      640gig HD

      Has far video cards go stick with nvidia because there graphic card driver are a whole lot better than ATI

  • Stewie says:

    What is the best video or graphic card for Flight Simulator X?
    I have flight simulator x, and I want it to run fast when I turn the graphic to ultra high. So tell me which video card or graphic card is the best for flight simulator x.

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