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ProFlightSimulator Review – An Honest Review Of This Flight Simulator

By Michael Ortiz

Being Flight Enthusiast, a friend of mine recommended ProFlightSimulator to me. I didn

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  • Ryan A says:

    flight simulator?
    you kno when your on a flight and the luggage goes in those compartments well how do you get those trucks that take out the luggage ( keyboarad shortcut please) PC

  • Thorn says:

    Flight simulator?
    i got Flight simulator X: Deluxe Edition and i dunno how to get the plane to start at the gate can any1 help me?

    • JOHN KAISER PHD™ says:

      go to control options

      find taxi….

      i dnt know

      coz i hav fs 2004

      u need to move back

      go to tutorials 😛

  • Yazan Abdul-Kader says:

    ANYONE KNOW websites for GREAT TIPS!!! on how to fly the AIRLINER JETS on flight simulator (doesnt matter wat version of FS)

    thanx in advance

  • Elchileno says:

    Flight Simulator?
    I want to load MS flight simulator on an external hard drive, is that possible and will it perform at a decent speed? Please help.

    • mr. c says:

      if your external hard disk is USB 2 (TWO!), then it’s faster then an ATA 133 Mbps hard disk (the standard hard disk on most PCs until about a year ago) and be fine to install FS.
      you have however to make sure that the USB is indeed USB 2, because USB 1.1 is simply too slow for anything but off line data storage.
      keep in mind that the external hard disk as well as the connectors on your PC have to be USB2, otherwise it will settle for the speed of the slower device)

  • Bob S says:

    Is microsoft flight simulator X on complete real settings harder than actually flying?
    I’m talking about a single engine cessna. I’ve flown a real plane and then flight simulator x on real settings and it’s harder on flight simulator X.

    • Trainman says:

      The first 3 answers are all correct and cover all of the bases.
      Except they all forget that if you crash in a real Cessna you have a real problem. If you crash in a Cessna on MS Flight X you can reset and try again and again with no pain or expense.

      Do you play any other video games? They can be difficult. Shooting games can be much more difficult than shooting in real life. How many monsters have you tried to kill lately?

      So with all of that in mind I still think flying a real airplane is harder because of the consequences of failing.

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