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Joysticks For Flight Simulator

Want To Liven Up Your Airplane Simulator? Then Get Some Hardware

Author: Ryan John

Don’t assume all home simulators are cheap unrealistic applications. The wannabe home flyboy  has a significant variety of authentic peripheral equipment available. Nearly all decent airplane simulators support these products. But what exactly is available?

Handling Devices

To steer your aircraft a couple of options spring to mind. The first of such are the joystick variety of trip controller units that combine two joysticks which allows control of course plus the thrust of your airplanes. These handles additionally have a lot of additional features end user programmable to the many control keys and possibly even minimal displays.


Flight yokes are essentially an aircraft steering wheel. Think of the side portions of your cars wheel without the circle being completed at the top and bottom. It’s a solution operated by both hands and tend to be to some extent a more user friendly means of piloting in comparison to the trip control type joysticks.

Supports can attach these to your work area and set them just like you would see them within an actual plane.

Frequently flight yokes are paired with a throttle unit which houses a number of levers that take care of the airplanes engines.


One more essential portion of directional management is a method to operate the aircrafts flaps. This is accomplished with the aid of floor pedals as is employed once more inside an actual airplane for rudder control.

Additional Cockpit Panels

An ordinary cockpit in a plane has all kinds of other knobs and buttons, in an effort to replicate this switch devices can be acquired, these are generally programmable to whatever in game function you might need. Game players will normally have several of the switch devices that though introducing greater difficulty, resulted in the simulation experience staying intense and genuine.

Furthermore devices with additional buttons that mirror radio equipment on a genuine aircraft are readily available.

The Pilots Eye View

Looking out of a cockpit window an aircraft pilot has a good field of vision in front and to the sides. Not surprisingly a pc monitor cannot produce this due to the inability to wrap around the pilot.

In spite of this combing monitors placed in a similar position to the windows found in an airplane is often an option. Particularly with technology such as Eyefinity  from ATI that divides a single pc application over several separate display devices.

To support this a wraparound type of PC desk or an adjustable support bracket means that you can put the at the centre of the action.

Data panels are offered also that clone real cockpit equipment, for instance a gyroscope display purchaseable as a large separate option instead of using the on screen display of the simulator.

Other Products

Combined with handling and in game graphics products, realistic pilot headsets can be attained. While any pc head set is acceptable for chat sessions with your online co-pilots, a head set designed like the genuine article again boosts the realism.

And finally we get to flight chairs, a very expensive purchase and an item which only a few particularly passionate online aircraft pilots may have. Nevertheless they are around and may also incorporate instruments or have apparatus connected on to them.

While it’s not essential to have all of this equipment it definitely brings about a better flight experience.  The cost of these products can also be spread over time as the games are totally controllable via standard keyboard and mouse until your cockpit system has been fully built up.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/computer-games-articles/want-to-liven-up-your-airplane-simulator-then-get-some-hardware-4087637.html

About the Author

Ryan John is primarily a online game participant, particularly into driving and strategy game titles. His biggest pleasure is flight simulators, because of this he runs the Airplane Simulator blog. You can visit and take a peek, My Aeroplane Simulator Hardware information and facts can be found here too.

(7) Comments
  • GNR = BEAST! says:

    Are USB joysticks compatible with Flight Simulator 95?
    I’m thinking about getting a joystick for my game, and I don’t know if it will work or not?

  • I remain unknown says:

    Can I use any Joystick for Flight Simulator?
    I have flight simulator by microsoft and I was wondering if I could use just any joystick?

  • Tyler C says:

    What is the most sophisticated PC Flight Simulator Joystick on the market?
    I am looking for the most realistic joystick including an afterburner and additional controls if available. I have just purchased a Jet Fighter simulator and it is just not very immersive using keyboard and mouse controls.

    • jdave4200 says:

      The Saitek – X52 Flight Control System is the best one to date that i know of. My buddy has one and it is wicked cool. That would be me recomendation.

  • msjmh says:

    What are some good Flight Simulator accessories?
    My husband has the Saitek X52 Flight Control Joystick for Flight Simulator. For Christmas I’d like to get him something to add to his setup. Does anyone have any suggestions such as a good pedal or something? He showed me photos in a magazine but I have no idea where to find them again.

  • Justin says:

    Is the Logitech – Attack 3 Joystick good for Flight Simulator X?
    My old microsoft joystick stopped working during mid-flight and couldn’t finish it. Now im researching new joysticks and found out that the logitech attack 3 is the best one out of all of them. but it sounds like its more of a tactical fighter pilot game joystick rather than a Flight simulator joystick. Am I right, or am I crazy?

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